Socioeconomic Development

What We Do

  • Community skills development
  • Employment creation
  • Education and career building support
  • Entrepreneurship support

Value Perspective

Aseda’s view, validated through experience, is that Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is not peripheral to business, and as such, should be engineered into the very way we do business.

This view has elevated our CSI endeavours from mere charity work into the core. We have introduced Socioeconomic Development as a service line in its own right, this way, pitting it as an equal among other service lines in terms of strategic importance, resource worthiness, maturity of delivery processes and systems, continuous improvement and significance in how we measure success.

Our Civils and Roads & Transport workstreams now have Socioeconomic Development as a key component of work in all projects where it is feasible to provide jobs, skills and knowledge to local communities, with a number of cases where beneficiaries have been subsequently absorbed into long-term employment within our firm.

Our structure and people practices have been configured in a way that facilitates opportunities for both staff and youth to build rich and meaningful careers through job rotation, skills development and study assistance, with a number of cases where beneficiaries have gone on to assume senior responsibilities, within and outside the firm, and bursars absorbed into long-term employment within Aseda.

We have initiated and implemented a number of procurement practices and support mechanisms to provide opportunities and enable startups as they navigate the unforgiving early stages of business, with many cases where we’ve collaborated with these enterprises to pursue opportunities.