Project Management

What We Do

  • Assembly and coordination of multi-disciplinary project teams
  • Management of design and implementation processes
  • Pre and post-development quality control
  • Management of project schedules/programmes
  • Cost and budget control
  • Documentation management

Value Perspective

Projects are complex.

Therein are many moving parts, on many different levels, affecting many different stakeholders, in many different ways. As such, failure or success on any one part, party or level, has a rippling effect on many other parts, parties and levels. And ultimately, on the overall outcome.

Project success therefore, hinges on one’s ability to manage this complexity, competently.

Our value proposition is our holistic approach to projects validated over many years managing both EPCM and turnkey based projects, in varying environments and settings.

Among other differentiators, it entails an obsession with:

  • A good understanding of the overall goal and impact of a given project or programme.
  • A good appreciation for opportunities, challenges and risks involved.
  • An acute awareness of interests, goals and expectations of various stakeholders, and the ability to keep these aligned to drive progress and a sense of shared success.
  • A good understanding of the context and variables that will define success.
  • An informed selection of methods, tools and technologies to manage all the moving variables and to deliver tailored value.
  • Radical open-mindedness and agility required in today’s fast-paced project environment.

For enhanced specialisation, we have established a dedicated project management division resourced with individuals qualified and experienced in this discipline. For relevance and impact, these individuals are carefully handpicked for each project based on experience and other key factors.