Investments & Advisory

What We Do

  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept development
  • Project finance
  • Project management

Value Perspective

Investments & Advisory is an exciting convergence of many things that Aseda is about and cares about. And it’s at this intersection that our value proposition lies.

  • Aseda’s purpose is to “transform nature’s potential into new built realities, in the process unlocking endless human possibilities”. It turns out, infrastructure investing is about seeing potential and, through creative business, manifesting infrastructure that changes things and lives of many.
  • Aseda believes in insight and foresight. As it turns out, success in Investments & Advisory hinges on one’s ability to decipher market insights and leverage same for better-informed investment and delivery decisions.
  • Aseda believes in partnership and collaboration, something we have refined into an art, with strategic partnerships across the entire value chain of infrastructure investing. As it turns out, partnership is at the centre of successful infrastructure investing.
  • Aseda’s experience and partnership strength extend across the full value chain of infrastructure development. And it turns out, successful infrastructure investing benefits immensely from a good understanding of all aspects of infrastructure planning and delivery.
  • Infrastructure investment is entrepreneurial in its very nature. A great deal of our success is attributable to entrepreneurship. No better testimony to our entrepreneurial orientation than the very decision to venture into Investments & Advisory.

What better alignment.