Energy Solutions

What We Do

  • Energy advisory
  • Exploration
  • Infrastructure development

Value Perspective

Our generation is the most impacted by the ecological impact of business, and probably the last that has a reasonable opportunity to do something about it. Put differently, there’s never been a time when urgency to manage the environmental impact of business is impact in itself.

An impact-driven company, Aseda is not missing the opportunity to positively influence the course, firstly where it matters most and secondly, when it matters most.

In the quest, we are partnering with clients across sectors to help them transition to “better energy” while elevating their performance overall:

  • From organisations seeking to improve financial performance by containing energy costs to those building additional energy capacity to support expansion.
  • From organisations looking for the best energy mix to those looking to build owned generation capacity for better control on business continuity.
  • From organisations undertaking explorations to those already building new energy infrastructure and integrating same into existing energy ecosystems.

For greater impact, Aseda is also partnering with industries, regulators and other relevant authorities to find solutions within and between their ecosystems and jurisdictions.

Aseda Energy, a Black woman-owned legal entity, is leveraging its leader’s nuanced knowledge of the energy sector and the combined capacity of the broader Aseda Group to help organisations with tailored solutions across the entire energy value chain.