Complementary Engineering Services

What We Do

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Architectural Services (Residential – Boutique Space, Commercial – Mass Space)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Value Perspective

Sound business is at the centre of performance and success.

Project or programme failures are generally traceable to failures in business fundamentals whose effect has either been neglected or underestimated. Inversely, successes in fundamentals are also traceable in the ultimate project or programme successes.

Our acute understanding of this, derived from experience, has shaped our business in many ways. One such way is our lean business model the essence of which is specialisation.

In terms thereof, we have perfected our engineering core, i.e. civil. However, instead of perfecting the rest (quantity surveying, architectural, mechanical and electrical), we have perfected our ability to identify, collaborate and build relationships with the best in these disciplines.

Thanks to the model:

  • We are able to offer a complete engineering solution while maintaining a lean organisation, which enhances our financial competitiveness.
  • We are able to bring the highest level of specialisation to every project, whatever the nature, size or context.
  • We are able to assemble and dissemble project resources with speed and flexibility, whatever the demands of a given project.

Beyond individual projects, this shrewdness has enabled Aseda to successfully navigate a number of difficult business cycles over the years, in the process becoming one of the most resilient and dependable firms in the space.