People & Careers

Building and leading a business to success is a very colourful journey, punctuated by a number of lowlights and highlights. Ours has been no different.

We have handled some of the most complex and challenging projects in the built space, ventured into new territories with no previous benchmarks to look to, and navigated some of the most difficult business cycles in modern history, from pandemics to global financial crises.

Through it all, we have delivered things we are proud of, setting new standards along the way, ultimately building one of the most resilient businesses in our space. On careful reflection, the common thread in our story is how our people have “shown up” over the years. And perhaps better yet, why they did.

Fundamentally, the majority did because they believe in service of something larger than self. Because they don’t see infrastructure for buildings, roads and bridges, but for how these change lives and set generations up for success.

We attract, empower and reward the kind that “show up”, not just for career, but for impact beyond self, beyond infrastructure and beyond business.

Towards any new project, opportunity or situation, we venture with confidence that our people will show up, certain in the knowledge that, when they do, a lot will change.