Dennis Mathibe

Chief Executive Officer

Kwaku Koranteng

Chief Operations Officer

Thabo Msimanga

Chief Commercial Officer

Dennis Mathibe

A big picture thinker, visionary leader and entrepreneurial creative obsessed with solutions that challenge convention and influence the course of innovation.

A registered engineer with over 22 years experience in engineering consulting and construction, building on a professional foundation of a Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) MBA, University of Pretoria (UP) Masters in Project Management, a University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) BSc in Civil Engineering and a Professional Engineer registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

As CEO of Aseda and in several other technical and leadership roles prior, Dennis has undertaken a wide range of civil engineering and project management responsibilities, from design and implementation to leading multi-year delivery programmes.

Dennis has been very instrumental in leading Aseda through a number of significant business cycles; through vision, big picture thinking and entrepreneurship, building one of the most resilient businesses in the space.

Inspired to do more and leveraging the foundation of Aseda’s success to date, Dennis is championing a strategy that is expanding Aseda’s footprint, influence and impact into the rest of Africa and beyond.

Kwaku Koranteng

A seasoned engineer, tested entrepreneur and emotionally astute leader.

To his role as COO of Aseda, Kwaku brings over 22 years of experience in public infrastructure. His specialist expertise includes contract documentation, negotiations and project management, demonstrated in a number of high-value infrastructure undertakings spanning roads, stormwater, drainage management, water supply and sanitation schemes. He complements his experience with a University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) BSc in Civil Engineering, a Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Masters in Corporate Strategy and a GIBS Global Executive Development Programme.

Kwaku is a member of both the Ghana Institute of Engineers and Engineering Council of South Africa and also a corporate member of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering.

A levelheaded thinker, Kwaku’s entrepreneurial and leadership successes are attributable to his remarkable ability to build relationships with clients, employees, partners and other stakeholders and influence outcomes that are ‘shared’.

A keen follower of current affairs in business and politics who has lived in both South Africa and Ghana for extended periods of time, Kwaku brings richly diverse perspectives into situations, projects and relationships, an advantage evident in all projects he has led and delivered.

Kwaku’s leadership and entrepreneurial qualities, layered with his experience, have elevated him into one of the most trusted and respected contributors to Africa’s infrastructure development agenda, an attribute proving highly invaluable as Aseda extends its footprint and influence into Africa and the rest of the world.

Thabo Msimanga

Leveraging a Vaal University of Technology (VUT) BTech in Civil Engineering as a foundation, which he is currently augmenting with an Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) PrTech registration, Thabo has accumulated enviable expertise over the numerous technical and leadership roles he has assumed in his 22-year career, developing nuanced expertise in a number of competency areas including contracts management, projects and programme management.

A curious mind and pragmatic problem solver, Thabo has developed a remarkable ability to use insight and foresight to help clients and other stakeholders navigate business uncertainty and get things done.

With a keen interest in transformation, Thabo has built not just infrastructure, but also businesses and careers.  He has been instrumental in evolving Aseda’s approach to social impact from mere charity into a key driver of business and social impact through which Aseda has enabled professionals and entrepreneurs to build meaningful careers and successful enterprises.

The ability to see ahead and translate opportunity into value has developed into Thabo’s distinctive trademark, an attribute Aseda has been leaning on as it ventures into new services, new markets and new geographies.