“Beyond Infrastructure” derives from the view that the real value of infrastructure is in the impact it renders. In other words, infrastructure is not an end in itself, but a means to a multitude of ends for individuals, communities and society at large.

An impact-driven organisation, we have chosen infrastructure delivery and advisory as our business. What better place. After all, infrastructure has been at the centre of human progress for decades, a phenomenon unlikely to cease in the foreseeable future.

Our attitude is that if you are to maximise the ends delivered by infrastructure, your sentiments towards the infrastructure development process itself cannot be conventional. “Developing with the ends in mind” is a new industry paradigm we have set ourselves to champion.

To this effect:

  • We don’t just construct roads and bridges, but access, so people can reach their destinies.
  • We don’t just build schools and skills centres, but cultivate a sense of self reliance and freedom.
  • We don’t just construct water and sanitation facilities, but restore human dignity and inspire hope.
  • We don’t just construct recreational facilities, but nurture a sense of everyday renewal.
  • We don’t just build hospitals, but restore health and prolong life.
  • We don’t just construct ports, but orchestrate a connected global village.
  • We don’t just build industrial and commercial facilities, but arenas for inspired people to create.
  • We don’t just facilitate infrastructure investments, but enable impact seekers to realise their visions.
  • We don’t just offer energy solutions, but are orchestrating a present harmonious with the future we want.
  • We are not just expanding our footprint, but our reach so our work can echo furthest.

Simply put, we see infrastructure for the possibilities it represents.

This is our worldview and our source of everyday inspiration. Inspiration for us to push boundaries, cross thresholds and establish new paradigms.   

Name & Visual Identity


“Aseda” derives its name, which means “Gratitude”, from a Ghanaian language, Akan.

Font & Icon

A bold, yet warm font with soft edges represents Aseda’s ambitious, yet warm-hearted character.

In a general sense, our icon represents sentiments of unity, which captures Aseda’s inclination for relationships (partnerships, collaborations and relationships with clients and people in general).

In a spiritual sense, the icon represents centeredness and contentment, which flows well with the idea of gratitude.

Interpreted against the backdrop of Aseda’s African origin and the significance of infrastructure in Africa’s potential, the circle represents an African morning dawning with possibility.

Interpreted against the backdrop of sustainability, the sun implies renewable energy, which flows well with our sense of environmental responsibility and of course our offering in the energy space.


The blue colour represents Aseda’s professionalism and robustness (credibility and trustworthiness), both distinguishing characteristics of the Aseda organisation.

The yellowish orange represents the African dawn.

The gradient that transitions from bold to light represents Aseda’s dynamism.

Dynamism in that the brand is bold yet warm, and ambitious yet responsible.

Dynamism in that the company is always in motion from an innovation and entrepreneurship point of view, a characteristic best captured in “Radical Open-mindedness”, one of Aseda’s core values.